Twenty Years – Coming Soon

Photo by @enowenphotography

Twenty Years is coming soon to stream 🗓  09/27 to be exact. Mark your calendars.

Last week I shared this song is a conversation with God in my many rooms. It’s also a song about the loss of a storybook version of true Love.

If love is a fixer-upper, most days our house is in pieces and we’re bone tired. Slowly we let one another into those rooms that hold the most shame and pain.

Marriage is hard. I don’t want to give up.

To be in Love is the greatest feeling in the world, but love burrows deeper than feelings and becomes a choice, and it comes with a lot of hope we keep going despite our failing each other.

@musbkc keeps choosing me and I keep choosing him. Each morning I wake up beside him even after we’ve fought the night before.

He told me over 20 years ago he’s not going anywhere. Love stays and is actively tearing down walls.

I am in love with you KC ❤️

Oh, and I Love You Too ❤️
Julie Susanne Clark

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